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  1. Dating Upside Down Host: Alison Tinderland 2:58
Dating Upside Down
Stories from Alison Tinderland of her down-the-rabbit-hole adventures of online dating. Fun guaranteed. Love…TBC

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What are social media teasers? And how can it help you promote your content?

Social media teasers are short sections of you podcast or video to help you promote your recently published content. When you are creating your post or tweet to let your audience know that your new content is available, by including a short teaser of your content, you can encourage your listeners to click on and consume your new episode.

This is a great way to encourage new listeners to become subscribers. A new listener is not likely to commit to listening to an hour of your content if they don’t know who you are. They are, however, more likely to watch a 30 sec teaser which will help them decide if they are interested to committing to listening to more of what you have to say.

Social media teasers are a great way to help you promote your podcast and videos. What are you currently doing to help promote your podcast?

Check out some of the social media teasers we have created for our clients:


As amazing as podcasts are, video’s are still an important and relevant part of your marketing strategy. Check out some of the videos we have created for our clients: