Zencastr is a great tool for recording your podcast interviews online when you cannot meet with your guest locally.


Watch the video:


Go through the steps:

One great feature about Zencastr is that it records each users audio locally and remotely. This means that an audio file of your inter on their own machine, removing the problem of glitches and stutters from recording over the internet.  It also connects into Dropbox and automatically updates your files for you.

NOTE: Both you and your guest will need a Zencastr account and a DropBox account.
If either of you do not have both of these accounts, you will need to create them. Both DropBox and Zencastr have free basic accounts available.


  1. Connect your microphone to your computer and turn it on. Also, plug your headphones in and put them on. It is best to use headphones when recording your interview otherwise your recording will include bleedthrough from your computer speakers and potentially create feedback.
  2. Log into DropBox so your interview files are automatically uploaded to your account.
  3. Log into Zencastr and go to the dashboard, click Create new episode.
  4. Enter a name for your podcast interview and click Create.
  5. Allow microphone access if prompted. You have now created your podcast interview project. You can now invite your guest to your recording session. To do this click on the Invite link.
  6. Copy the Zencastr link and send to your guest via email. They will need to log into both their DropBox and Zencastr accounts.
  7. Once your guest connects you can start recording your interview by clicking the Start Recording button at the top left of the page.
  8. When your interview has finished click Stop Recording.
  9. Your interview files will automatically start to upload to your Dropbox account but you need to keep your browser open for the files to complete the upload process, this may take some time.
  10. When you have finished talking to your client, end the call by clicking on Hang Up Call.
  11. Once the files have completed uploading to DropBox you will receive a message in your browser.
  12. If you log into DropBox you will see that the files have been successfully uploaded.