Client News: Why 2 podcast launched!



“When I was first looking to start up my podcast, I knew nothing about editing and post-production. The thought of trying to spent hours learning and then editing my podcasts just wasn’t feasible given my busy schedule.
Working with Belinda was a true no brainer, as she brings her mastery of audio editing and creating the desired experience for my listeners. She is professional, fast, and a true partner who provides critical feedback to help me ensure that my podcast can be the best it can be.”

Dustin Elliott
Host of Project Why 2 Podcast
Why 2


Their Story:

Sitting in his cubical at work, Dustin dreamed of starting his own podcast. Having spent years devouring books from his entrepreneurial hero’s, Dustin decided he didn’t just want to read books about successful individuals anymore, he wanted to interview them.

Filled with passion and gusto he did what any good over-thinker does, he then spent the next 3 months writing a business plan about starting a podcast.

Realising this was not getting him any closer to his actual dream, Dustin finally interviewed a real person. Success! The hard part was over! Or so he thought.

Dustin then leapt into the world of Google, reading numerous web pages that enticed him to believe that in 3 easy steps he too could have a glamorous and dazzling sounding podcast. He spent hours editing, and re-editing, until he soon realised it was not that easy to produce your own podcast.

Frustrated (and slightly square eyed), Dustin went looking for someone who could help turn his dream into a real iTunes page.


The Journey:

Dustin got in contact with Red Lemon Productions who have helped him find the right stock music, put together a simple but effective structure, and have been producing podcasts since early 2017.

Not able to release a weekly podcast, Red Lemon Productions understands Dustin’s passion and vision and work with him to release podcasts on a fortnightly basis.


The Outcome:

On launch, Dustin experienced over 100 downloads of his first podcast and has experienced an increase in his podcast subscribers and Facebook followers.

Since working with Red Lemon Productions, he has been able to spend more time focusing on the interviews, increasing his social media presence, and growing his fan base.

With his podcasts now live, this has increases his ability to access and interview successful business owners and individuals in their field.

Dustin still sits in his cubic at work, but now he dreams about the endless possibilities of who he could be interviewing next.


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