Client News: The Healthy Gut works with Red Lemon Productions



“I engaged the services of Red Lemon Productions to help me launch my podcast. I was comfortable conducting interviews with people, but didn’t have any technical knowledge on what I needed to do to make it possible.
Belinda advised on microphones and recording set up, taking the stress away from me. I provide her the raw audio files and she works her magic, making my interviews sound professional with a deeply rich audio quality. She edits out stumbles, blunders and unexpected noises (such as when guests leave their phone on) so the finished product sounds like we are in a professional recording studio.
In addition to the excellent production quality, she was also able to meet my brief to create an original music score to match my branding, giving my podcast a unique sound.
With a weekly podcast schedule, Belinda and Red Lemon Productions are an integral part of The Healthy Gut team. I highly recommend her services to any podcasters looking to take their podcast to the next level.”

Rebecca Coomes
Founder, Host of The Healthy Gut Podcast
The Healthy Gut


Their Story

Servicing an international market, The Healthy Gut knew they needed to start podcasting as a way to connect with their followers and get their message out to their growing worldwide audience.

Providing medical and lifestyle information to people suffering from the debilitating effects of poor gut health, podcasting was viewed as an important tool in their business to educate people on how they could improve their health and start living a healthy, happy life.

To achieve this they needed to work with a company that could reliably and professionally produce a podcast on a weekly basis and create music to fit their branding. Wanting professional support to manage their podcasts, The Healthy Gut engaged the help of Red Lemon Productions.


The Journey

Red Lemon Productions helped determine the podcast structure, music style needed, and have produced weekly podcasts since late 2016 for The Healthy Gut.

In addition, Red Lemon Productions have developed unique music for the podcast, tying in the brand elements to the sound of the podcast, and have provided technical support and advice through all phases of the podcast journey.


The Outcomes

Since working with Red Lemon Productions, The Healthy Gut podcast is now attracting a rapidly growing market with a majority US listener base, and has achieved over 100,000 downloads, and regularly appears in the Top 100 iTunes health category charts.

This has resulted in expanding the reach of their business offering to a global market, has positioned the host as a leading expert, has boosted sales and resulted in new business partnerships and opportunities that were previously unavailable. Providing valuable trusted content to their listeners, The Healthy Gut has dramatically increased their impact in the gut health space and will continue to spread their important message across the globe.

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