We take the stress out of podcasting by producing a professional sounding podcast so that you can focus on creating a great interview, and help you reach your goal to hit the top 100 charts.

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Red Lemon Productions is a boutique podcast production company helping those that are serious about generating a professional sounding podcast. Whether you are an individual with an idea for a podcast or a business wanting to expand your social media reach through podcasting, Red Lemon Productions can help you achieve this.

We know you are busy trying to build your business, create social awareness of your brand, produce regular social media content, find interesting people to interview, and great questions to ask them. You don’t have time to produce podcasts as well.

Websites will have you believe that it’s easy to create a great sounding podcast quickly and easily. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. It takes time and effort to learn these skills to get a great sounding result.

Red Lemon Productions has extensive knowledge in audio production. We can make your podcast sound professional and help you through the steps to get your podcast up and running. If you have already recorded your interviews, we can help you take these recordings from being a file sitting on your computer to a finished product. This allows you to focus on getting your podcast out into the world and into the ears of your listeners.

Red Lemon Productions provides a personable service, so that you can talk to a real person, and have us work as part of your extended team to be available to answer your podcasting questions.

If you are thinking about podcasting, are struggling to get your podcast to sound professional, or have no idea how to start, contact Red Lemon Productions to see how we can help you. We are more than happy to chat with you and help you on your podcast journey.

About Belinda

Founded by Belinda Coomes, Red Lemon Productions was created to help busy professionals and individuals to spread their ideas and messages through podcasting.

With years of experience working in audio and music production, Belinda has already helped a number of clients launch their podcasts, which range from the health industry to sales and marketing.

Belinda created Red Lemon Productions because she noticed a number of busy professionals were wanting to start a podcast but lacked the necessary production skills. Not only were they trying to create their own podcasts, they were not achieving the results they wanted.

Already possessing extensive knowledge in audio engineering, Belinda decided she wanted to help those that were struggling to create a podcast so that they could concentrate on what they do best, run their business.